Welcome to the Fitivities Blog!

Welcome to the Fitivities Blog! My name is Sandy “Spin” Slade, creator of Fitivities. Being physically active has been a part of my life as long as I can remember. I grew up on a farm in Northern Wisconsin and right outside my door was my playground. At the age of 12, I attended a basketball camp and was inspired by an individual doing tricks with basketballs. From that point on, my dream was to make a living “spinning and dribbling” basketballs. With a lot of practice and determination, I was fortunate to make a living for over 22 years performing for thousands at schools, NBA half-times, and various events throughout the world. You may have even seen me as Halle Berry’s double in the movie “CatWoman” during the basketball scene.

Even though I loved performing, “father time” continued to tick and I realized that I would not be able to keep up the physical demands of a sports entertainer forever. I then began to think what else I was passionate about and it was helping physical education teachers and after school programmers create an environment where all children, no matter what their physical ability have a positive experience being physically active. Building on this desire to make a difference, I created Skillastics®, a series of oversize board games that help develop children’s fitness and sport skills. It’s almost surreal to think that Skillastics® is now in over 25,000 educational programs and has been enjoyed by over 10 million students nationwide.

Fitivities™ was created because I wanted to change the way society as a whole looks at physical activity. Children can experience the benefits of physical activity in school, but if they go home to an environment that is completely sedentary, then that positive experience is usually not sustainable. I truly believe if society is going to change, physical activity has to be fun, simple and affordable. Fitivities™ is the answer.

Beyond Fitivities™, my goal with this blog is to share many tips and ideas that will hopefully inspire you and your family to lead more healthy and active lives. I’ve always brought a unique perspective to sport and physical activity though my performances, products and workshops. I promise to bring that unique perspective here that will hopefully make you think, laugh, and be inspired!