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Have Fun. Promote Healthy Lifestyles. Raise Money!

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Earn $10 profit per game by selling physical activity fun!

Looking for a new fundraising idea that promotes healthier lifestyles in your community? Fitivities Fundraising will work for you! Fitivities is an award-winning game that encourages Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programming (CSPAP) in the area of Family and Community involvement! It eliminates the “one and done” philosophy of a Health Fair or Family Fitness night by promoting physical activity and family time in a simple, fun, social game experience that all ages and abilities can enjoy at home!

It’s Not Only for Schools!

Church groups, park and recreation departments, foundations, non-profit organizations, community-based organizations like the YMCA’s, Boys and Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts – any organization that is looking to raise money and promote healthy lifestyles can take advantage of a Fitivities Fundraiser!

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How Much Money Can I Make?

Earn $10 per game sold!  So for example, if you have 500 students, and you motivate them to sell 2 games each, you will have sold 1,000 games.  You just have earned $10,000 for your organization!!!

In addition, participants can share a special code to purchase Fitivities online with out-of-town friends and families all over the country!  Every online sale brings in an additional $10 for your organization!

How Do I Begin?

Simply fill out the form below and one of our representatives will contact you and set up your customized fundraiser.

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“Let’s Move America Together, One Family at a Time”