“We recently purchased Fitivities, Fitivities Fitness Task Cards, and Scarves at a Homeschool Conference.  I led all the kids in our co-op in a scarf “workout” this week, and they were all thrilled with the fun movements they could do with the scarves!  I also taught my own kids how to play Fitivities, and it was an even bigger hit!  You got my least athletic child to proclaim, “Mom, this is the most fun I’ve ever had doing P.E.!  Can we do this every day?” Yea!!!

~Susan DuPre’, Homeschool Mom, DPT, MS Health & Sports Science – Alabama

“We used the Fitivities Fitness Task Cards for the first time today.  To become acquainted with the activities we decided to just do them in order a few at a time.  We did five activities.  We laughed a lot and we found that we had muscles that needed some definite work!  Thank you for sparking exercise back into our school routine.  It should have always been there.”

~Esther Doss, Homeschool Mom – Arkansas

My son Charlie is in 2nd Grade and we Homeschool him. So we use Fitivities in our Homeschool PE Class. And I like that it helps get us up and out of our chair. And I also play with Charlie as I am wanting to lose weight and by playing Fitivities a couple times a week with Charlie I have started to lose weight. And I move more easily and do not have a much pain..”

~Glenda Cates, The Mommie Reviews – Texas

“One day I brought Fitivities to my parent’s house.  I didn’t ask anyone if they wanted to play, I just set up the mat in the middle of the floor where everyone was watching TV, and assigned teams.  Whadya’ know!?!  It got everyone up and moving and burning off the dessert we had just eaten.  I got my 74 year-old parents up and moving and having fun with my 8 year-old son.  Even one stick-in-the-mud member of the family admitted, “That was actually kinda fun!”  I’m looking forward to many more hours of enjoyment and love that Fitivities brings a level of fitness for any ability level in a way that is so fun, no one even realizes they’re exercising!”

~ Melissa Winter, Mother – California


“We played Fitivities as a family (with our kids – ages 8, 6, and 3) for the first time and we all had a blast!  Thanks again for creating such an awesome game!”

~ The Wiedlin Family – Arizona

“Fitivities is the perfect way to enjoy exercising with your family. Our children constantly ask us to “Watch Me!” as they master a new exercise. Thanks Fitivities for putting the fun back into being fit!”

~ The West Family – Utah Adam family

“We can’t wait to receive our game and begin adding it to the rotation of family game night games! Thanks for your hard work on this product and for the great demo that was presented at the Arizona Families for Home Education Homeschool Convention. My family is dedicated to living healthy lives and exercise is a big part of our plan. Love the fact that our youngest, 7, can be included more instead of told to ‘stop using the equipment’, ‘don’t pick those up, that’s dangerous’ and ‘be careful, you’ll hurt yourself, that’s for the big kids'”.

~ The Pedron Family – Arizona

“Fitivities creates a bond between Grandparents and Grandchildren that’s exciting! Not to mention how thrilled my Grandchildren are to see how active we can be!”

~ Suzanne, Grandmother – California

“All I can say is – TONS OF FUN!!! My family and I played Fitivities on the beach. So, in the sand was a challenge, but loads of excitement. People around us were watching and wondering what these people were doing? One guy said, ‘I don’t know what you were doing, but sure looks like you were having fun!’ It’s a game for every activity level and every age. It’s so cool you can play it anywhere. It truly is a must have family game! We loved it and look forward to playing again!”

~ Angelica, Aunt – New Jersey

“I recently had the opportunity to play the game Fitivities with all of my family at our annual reunion. What can I say? There was a lot of laughter amidst the friendly competition as we all raced to cross our finish line. As a Grandmother, it was such a joy to play with the little ones, see the expressions on their faces, and share the fun together. The kids are so agile and full of energy, but even this ‘granny’ was able to compete and keep up with the team! To describe Fitivities in one word: Awesome!! A great activity for young and old. I would highly recommend it!”

~ Carol, Grandmother- Wisconsin

“I was hesitant to play Fitivities at first, thinking it was going to be too difficult to play. I was pleasantly surprised that instead of thinking I was exercising, I was so busy laughing and trying to beat my family members to the finish line, I didn’t even realize I was being so active! I know other families will enjoy it as much as we did!”

~ Elaine, Grandmother – Pennsylvania

“I found the game and rules easy to follow and play. Also, being able to modify the activity to the ability and capability of the player kept everyone interested and competitive. We played in a group where the ages ranged from 9 years old to people in their 70s and everyone was having a blast! Not only was it fun to play, it makes you sweat and work hard without even knowing it. That’s what makes it great!”

~ Bill, Father – Minnesota

“Fitivities is an awesome tool to incorporate fitness into everyday life. It is a great workout for both parents and kids that they can do together!”

~ Kelly, Mother – Wisconsin